Unlimited Power

Written by: Kellie Swensen


Starting a new Business? Struggling to get the right products to get your business on Track? Just having trouble with those pesky audits due to not meeting regulations. All of these things are struggles and hardships businesses are faced with today. GFI has a solution that fits not one but each one of these categories and now they have a way for you to take advantage of these options as a whole without breaking the bank. This newly added suite of products is not actually new at all, it is the combination of most of the heavy hitters with a single price tag. GFI has done this with their GFI Unlimited, GFI Unlimited includes not just their network security line but their communication line of products as well.  The products included from the communications line are: GFI FaxMaker, GFI Archiver, GFI MailEssentials, GFI OneConnect, KerioConnect, and KerioOperator, the products from the network security line are GFI EndpointSecurity, GFI EventsManager, GFI LanGuard, GFI OneGuard, GFI WebMonitor, and KerioControl. GFI is an ever expanding company so the amount and type of products might also grow to be more in the future.

GFI tackles the issues of today in two categories of products, communication software, and Security software which will both assist a business in almost everything needed while possibly adding benefits that were not originally needed or thought of.  Let’s start with the Communications side of the house. The first issue solved is the faxing, faxing is a staple in the majority of businesses both large and small since communication to other businesses and within the host company are paramount to being successful. GFI solves this via the GFI FaxMaker product, GFI FaxMaker provides an email faxing solution that is both convenient due to being email based and effective since there is no overhead of fax machines to clutter the office.   What if you miss place an email? A lot of communication in a business is done through emails so having a back-up of those emails is essential. GFI Archiver helps to support companies by making duplicates of all sent/received emails and then centralizing those emails into a database where detailed reports can be run. Are you having issues filtering spam? When opening an affected email that should have been considered spam, viruses can be released and cause damage to the computer system of the business. GFI MailEssentials provides assistance by filtering the spam out based on a designated rule set and configurations done by the client. Having multiple layers to protect against the threat of malware is something that is needed by every business, the product that will do just that is GFI OneConnectKerioConnect main function is email management, but it also allows you to have your to-do list, calendar, contacts, and task management easily accessible as well. KerioOperator provides you with the business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone, it includes business chat functionality and video conferencing making internal communication a breeze as well.

While Communication is an important part of a business, Network security is even more crucial. GFI provides six products that are included in GFI Unlimited to handle this problem. A major issue is data leakage, GFI EndpointSecurity helps with this by protecting the data while in-house via an agent that blocks endpoints such as USB and other storage devices, as well as the ports those devices use on the machine. If a device taken outside of the business environment; provided the proper steps are taken it is possible to keep data protected by encrypting the device so it can’t be opened without a password. Another product included in GFI Unlimited is GFI EventsManager which provides a variety of log monitoring, as well as management and assistance in IT infrastructure monitoring such as disk space on a particular drive reach a critical low %. Having issues with your patch management? GFI LanGuard helps determine vulnerabilities through comprehensive scans and patch management. Being able to protect the business machines from virus threats, malware, and spyware is a necessity, and GFI OneGuard’s main function is to check for these things via scans done regularly on the machines.  Social Media being accessed at work is a real problem since it is both a distraction and an inefficient use of company time. GFI WebMonitor provides a business with the ability to control which websites are accessible or allow them access to all sites but monitor their activity for the disciplinary action done later. The final product for security that is offered in the GFI Unlimited suite is KerioControl, which provides firewall control, Anti-virus, and some web control which helps businesses have better productivity. Although some of these options are redundant performing similar functions, some are a jack of all trades and some are much targeted to a special purpose.

GFI Unlimited provides one license for the entire suite of products available in the bundle. Businesses can get a free trial to this suite by visiting GFI Unlimited. Buying all these products individually would be a tremendous financial investment by a business which is why GFI came up with the ides of GFI Unlimited. GFI Unlimited is access to a myriad of products for a single price that is not only affordable but amazing. The amount of power that this suite has to offer to businesses is really something to behold and with a very reasonable price, you can’t go wrong choosing this as your all in one communication and network security option.

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