Security or …Bust!

Written by: Kellie Swensen

Can you imagine what it would be like to work with a company that could not properly secure your private information? In the world of today’s technology, one information should always be protected.  There are types of different software out there that could assist any business to keep a person/business information classified and confidential.  Technology today keeps improving and advancing on a daily basis, keeping up with software to protect one’s information is more of a necessity and not something to procrastinate about. Security software is in addition to the firewall that one should have because a firewall is not made to catch everything, layering software makes it harder for someone to get the information in question. Improper software or no software can damage a business not just from the clients but are necessary requirements in owning a business today, and keeping those software’s up to date is a necessity.

Security, without it a business is in jeopardy, especially in present-day technology.  Lack of software to protect the clients/business information is unprofessional and leaves information vulnerable to hackers. We are not in the times of old fashion ways with mom and pops shops where there is trust by word of mouth. With the evolution of technology, security has to be more robust, intuitive, and powerful enough to keep up with the times. Today the people are more paranoid about having atrocious situations happen. On the same token criminals and those that wish to cause harm to people and businesses have also evolved in such a way that having security layers in place can no longer be an afterthought. Lack of security can cause the clients to lose faith in the business which can ultimately result in the loss of that client completely. If one client leaves it is normally not the end of the world however it is different if a client leaves due to lack of security. Even though technology has increased and we have many forms of communication, word of mouth is still just as strong as it was back in the day. The client that leaves will tell others, who will then tell others, which will result in loss of more clients a business already has but also new potential clients as well. A business that suffers from this even if they recover/fix the issues will have a long-lasting scar on their name. Security is one of those things that can bring an end to a business if not handled properly.

GFI LanGuard is a suggested software to help protect the computer software. GFI has various forms of scans it can perform to best assess your network. These scans provide detailed and accurate information to a system admin about the open ports, missing patches, software that is not current in its patches, vulnerabilities, potential vulnerabilities, hardware on the machine, and software on the machine. A business can then use GFI to run reports based on the scan information to give one at a glance where one need to shore up their defense, and what to fix to prevent hackers and other malicious types of things from happening to your network. Keeping your systems up to date with the latest patches is integral in maintaining a solid and secure infrastructure. GFI LanGuard helps to eliminate the cause of these threats by keeping your systems up to date with not only Microsoft patches as well as many third-party program patches it also identifies vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities in your network where a hacker might take advantage. GFI LanGuard lets one business automate the process of doing these scans which helps system admins to keep their network where it needs to be so one is protected from those security threats.

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