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The number of reported security vulnerabilities in 2013 continued to increase compared to 2012. Vulnerabilities are on the rise constantly increasing since 2011. The high severity vulnerabilities increased by 16 percent from 2012.

There’s been a considerable increase in vulnerabilities for all operating systems irrespective of brand. In 2013 vulnerability increases were as follows: 4794 total security vulnerabilities, 328 hardware vulnerabilities and 892 devices affected by hardware vulnerabilities. Hardware vulnerabilities by top vendors saw Cisco having 104 directly related vulnerabilities.

GFI LanGuard manages, secures and troubleshoots your network, systems and software condensing many important IT security tasks into one easy to use management tool. Secure vulnerabilities in your network with minimal administrative effort. GFI LanGuard detected 1,038 hardware vulnerabilities 2,601 devices affected. 50,000+ security checks, 40,000+ patch definitions 2600 plus patch definitions added in just the first quarter of 2014. GFI LanGuard covers Windows operating systems, Apple OSX, major Linux distributions, third-party applications, network devices and mobile devices.

Secure your network from malicious vulnerabilities with minimal effort.

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