Written by: Christina Goggi

Do you know just how dangerous the Internet is? Have you been scared WebMonitor_EBook_340x340-2-300x300(or even scarred) by enormous charges from your Internet Service Provider for bandwidth usage? Are you trying to figure out why so many of your users seem to be busy all the time, but never get anything done? Have you dealt with complaints from the business or customers about how slow the website is, or why does it take so long to send or receive an email? If you can answer yes to even one of those questions, we may have the answer for you in their latest eBook, The Most Dangerous Sites on the Internet!

In The Most Dangerous Sites on the Internet, we list a veritable rogues’ gallery of sites that can steal away Internet bandwidth from business critical purposes, your corporate website, and your email system. Breaking them down by category, this PDF is a “who’s who” of dangerous places where users might stray. The categories include topics you’d expect to see, like adult content and online shopping sites, but it also talks about things you might think are benign, like search engines and cloud storage sites.

Using a “top ten” approach, this eBook introduces each category, lists some of the most notable/notorious sites in each category, and then talks about why you should be concerned about them. It also offers advice on how you can mitigate the threats or avoid the problems altogether with good advice and actionable suggestions.

This paper doesn’t attempt to vilify any of the sites or categories. Each has its place in the Internet, and almost all may have some legitimate business purpose. The author does not try to cast anything in an evil light, preferring instead to leave that to each individual company to decide what is right for them.

There’s a theme throughout that many businesses need to pick up on – it’s not enough to deploy some technology to control users’ Internet access, you need to have a well thought out and well-written acceptable use policy to define what is and is not appropriate for the business. While most businesses will have similar policies, each will have their own degree of tolerance for certain activities, and these need to be defined if users are expected to understand and comply.

If your company’s Internet bill is a monthly cause of sticker shock, if your users’ workstations are constantly catching some malware, or if your management is asking how to stop users from wasting time on the Internet doing things they shouldn’t, then this eBook is for you. You can download it here where you can also learn more about GFI WebMonitor®, a great tool for handling exactly these sorts of problems for businesses.

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