Recently, a small bank in Wyoming with a 1 man IT department contracted a nasty computer virus that their antivirus did not catch. The virus caused a huge loss in production and new business.

Because their Big Name antivirus failed to detect the virus, the bank began looking for an alternative. How did this happen? Because today computer crackers (The Bad Guys) are exploiting third party applications such as Java, or Adobe Flash. Also there may be machines on the network with outdated antivirus definitions.

Proper patch management can be a time consuming process. The auditor of the bank recommended GFI LanGuard as part of a layered network security approach. GFI LanGuard is an affordable combined vulnerability scanner and patch management tool.

LanGuard Features:

– Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Systems
– Patch Management For Microsoft, Flash, Acrobat , Browsers And More
– Vulnerability Assessment for 50,000 network vulnerabilities
– Network and Software Auditing To Track your Hardware And Software
– Built In Powerful Dashboard
– Can Be Configured To Run With An Agent Or Agentless
– Powerful Built In Reports
– And More

By using a layered network security approach, the bank having purchased LanGuard has identified security issues on their network and has vastly improved their cyber security.

Free 30 Day Trial

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