Google sounded the death knell of Postini when itPostini-Logo-1-1 started releasing similar features natively within Google Apps. Now Google has announced the end of Postini. This has presented a very real problem for 26 million Postini users – who can either pay more in the long run and use Google Apps, or move to another service to get what they need and avoiding paying for what they don’t.

While cloud-based email protection has brought many advantages to business, migrating from one provider to another can pose challenges. The Google product forums about the difference in services offered by Google may well be cause for concern for current customers.

Google has recognized the importance of assisting their customers no matter what their end choice of service was. As part of this, Postini includes an option that allows customers to export their existing email addresses, whitelists and blacklists into a comma-separated file.

GFI® has stepped in to facilitate an easy transition from Postini to GFI MailEssentials Online by creating a process to simply and easily import these settings into its cloud-based email security service.

Customers wishing to switch can simply sign up for a GFI MailEssentials Online trial, email with the file created by their Postini export, and GFI will do the rest. Once completed, customers simply receive a notification from GFI.

The GFI MailEssentials Online service is channel-friendly, has excellent partner and end-user support based in the United States, and is a focused email security solution providing anti-virus and anti-spam protection, along with built-in email continuity (which was not bundled with Postini’s filtering service), plus an optional integrated archive. The service is very easy to use and gives customers comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Learn more on how your business can benefit from GFI MailEssentials Online, or Contact FrugalBrothers to start your free trial today!

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