This article explains the two different versions of GFI EventsManager, and how it is licensed. Unfortunately GFI doesn’t break them down on its website, and thus creates some confusion to potential customers.

EventsManager Complete:

Formerly GFI EventsManager for Servers, GFI recently added an active monitoring component to the software. This is similar to GFI Network Monitor and adds the ability to monitor services, CPU utilization, hard drive space and more. This version also allows to you to manage event logs from Windows Servers, W3C logs and Sys logs from network devices such as Cisco routers and switchers. You are not able to manage logs from computers running Microsoft Windows (workstations) this product is licensed per node.

EventsManager Active Monitoring

Formerly GFI EventsManager for Workstations. This product is a network monitoring tool with Windows event log management. This is a much less expensive version of Events Manager, however log management is restricted to Microsoft Windows log files only. The active monitoring component can run on your Microsoft Windows Server however. This product cannot manage logs on any other network devices.

Mix and Match

You may combine both EventsManager Complete and Active Monitoring licenses together. Thus you could manage event logs for your servers, and network devices (EventsManager Complete) and your Windows workstations (EventsManager Active Monitoring) in one console.

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