GFI EndPointSecurity has just received another industry-leading DC-BRONZEcertification that confirms the quality and robustness of its implementation. The OPSWAT Bronze interoperability certification is important because interoperability is a critical factor for products that interact with a large variety of applications and devices.


In today’s IT landscape, businesses use a large number of applications which interact with each other in different ways. Ensuring interoperability, a prerequisite of systems’ uptime, is a difficult and time-consuming task for IT administrators managing multiple solutions within their environments. Using interoperability-certified products delivers a single point of reporting from the interoperability point-of-view, thus greatly reducing the time required to address this issue and consequently adding value to businesses by reducing costs with IT management.

Security products like GFI EndPointSecurity typically interact with a large variety of applications and devices – therefore interoperability is critical and any issue associated with it can affect the IT environment to a large extent, as it affects all the coexisting products. The outcomes of interoperability issues can result in damage to business revenue caused by downtime of critical systems and costs in time and manpower to manage these problems. Hence it is very important to use a product that is interoperability-certified and integrates seamlessly with the existing environment.

By achieving the OPSWAT Bronze interoperability certification, GFI EndPointSecurity proves once more that our customers’ confidence in using our product is built on rock solid ground.

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