Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a GFI case study for the popular GFI FaxMaker software. Last Tuesday March 10th 2015, a video production company visited me in my home office to record the case study. They carried with them a ton of lighting and state of the art video gear.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “case study” here is the best way to explain it. A case study is an examination of how a customer uses a product, and how the product benefits their business, and or improves their business processes.

Now I am used to being on video as a YouTube content producer, but it is really different being the focus of a professionally shot video .After several hours of setup, sound checks and lighting adjustments, we began the session.

I have to admit, that I was a bit nervous, but Linda from Concept One Media, put me at ease right way. Initially I spent time talking about I started my company and began my relationship with GFI Software in 2006. Next we began to discuss almost  all of the GFI products we sell, which include MailEssentials, MailArchiver, FaxMaker, LanGuard, EventsManager, EndPointSecurity, and GFI WebMonitor. Honestly I felt like I was preparing for my SATs all over again!

In the end I felt confident about the interview process, as I have spent almost 9 years as a Gold GFI Partner. With clients all over North America, I have consulted with so many companies about GFI products and supported them as well.  I have seen so many businesses benefit from the great products GFI has to offer that I was able to share some stories about the benefits of these products.

Finally, Linda and her team finished, and packed up their equipment, taking care put things back exactly as they had been.  It was a fantastic experience, and one I’ll never forget. I will make sure to embed the case study in my blog when it’s ready.