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CheatsheetsYetAnother_SQOur Sysadmin compendium of cheat sheets was a real hit with our readers and by popular request we’ve added yet another compendium of cheat sheets, quick references, and general quick hits. This time round, we’re including some reader requests, including SCCM and System Manager, as well as expanding on some of the other topics we covered in rounds one and two. Have a look and see what new bookmarks you can add to your browser.

System Center Configuration Manager

By reader request, some cheat sheets on SCCM/ConfigMgr and related products. This is a field rather lacking in one-pagers, so if you know the product, there’s an audience out there for your blog!

Cheat Sheet for SCCM Software updates Error codes

WMI in PowerShell 3.0

SC VMM 2012: PowerShell Cheat Sheet

Quick reference for SCCM 2012 site system role placement

System Center 2012 Self-Study Guide

Web Development

For those of you working on the web, these should come in handy. Just make sure you have enough ink before you print out a couple of these.

WordPress Cheat Sheet

HTML 5 Pocketbooks

HTML5 Security Cheatsheet

HTML 5 Browser Support Cheatsheet

HTML 5 Tags Cheatsheet

HTML 5 Event Handler Cheatsheet

HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet

HTML 5 Quick Reference Guide


The networking field is full of great cheat sheets, and we find more every time we look. Here is another group that you should find to be very useful!

tcpdump Cheat Sheet

nmap Cheat Sheet

netcat Cheat Sheet

TCP/IP Cheat Sheet!934&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AKz8LXBgsqQy6wo

The Art of the Subnet Cheat Sheet And Other Subnetting Tips & Tricks

Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet


If databases are your game, these should come in handy! They helped me finally figure out how to spell SQL.

Mysql cheat sheet

SQL in One Page

(My)SQL Cheat Sheet

Syntax Diagram for SQLite

Oracle SQL Reference Card

PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet


You’d think the way some of them talk, Linux SysAdmins wouldn’t need a cheat sheet, they would just apropos everything. Fortunately, there are plenty of great Linux cheat sheets out there. Here are a few more.

Linux Security Cheat Sheet

Linux Admin Quick Reference

Unix Toolbox

Graphical vi/vim Cheat Sheet and Tutorial

GDB Debugger Cheat Sheet

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet v2

Bash History Cheat Sheet

Linux Command Reference

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet

Unix/Linux Shell Cheat Sheet

We hope you enjoy the third compendium of cheat sheets. We’re always looking for more so please do tell us if we’ve missed something.