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GFI FaxMaker Team Leader Kevin Hodak, joined me to answer many common questions about GFI FaxMaker Server. Fax Servers are very much an important part of many industries, especially Healthcare, Legal and Financial industries. I highly recommend anyone considering a fax server, to watch this video.

Kevin, and I produced this video to explain the underlying technology and concepts that can help our clients understand what a powerful, and affordable system GFI FaxMaker can be.

In this video Kevin answers some of the following questions:

– What is a Fax Server?
– Why FaxMaker is a good value for small to mid-size businesses
– How FaxMaker is used to send, receive, and store faxes
– Operating System requirements
– FaxMaker can work with Exchange Server, Gmail, IMAP, and POP 3
– Hardware and Software Fax boards such as the SR140
– How FOIP (Fax over IP) and SIP works
– How FaxMaker works with different phone systems
– Kevin discusses the Hybrid version of FaxMaker
– How GFI FaxMaker Optical Character Recognition works
– How GFI FaxMaker is licensed

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